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Welcome to Don't Come Yet, ANGEL!!, a webshrine dedicated to the band Souiumono (サウイフモノ).

This band is my favourite (despite how utterly stupid they are), so I hope this is useful to somebody, or maybe even manages to get someone into the band.

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General Information

Souiumono was an RPG-themed cosplay kei band formed in 2011 by bassist Nuppe and vocalist Sacci. They recruited guitarist Donkey, and started out with the theme of "blue men". In practice this really meant "aliens". They released three singles and one extremely traumatising film clip featuring Sacci walking around with his pants down and getting attacked by a gorilla, set to a song vaguely about ordering the same soup every day(???) (NANDAKANDA) before Donkey realised how ridiculous they were and left the band to become a Vocaloid producer - they officially phrased this as him returning to his home planet after his year-long contract to visit Earth was up.

About two months later, drummer Kamui joined, and guitarists Nono and Hiro Bucky joined the band as replacements. These three are great! Hiro Bucky is my personal favourite member of the band. This formation of Sacci, Nuppe, Hiro Bucky, Kamui, and Nono remained Souiumono's lineup through the rest of the band's lifespan.

Before revealing the new members, they realised looking like smurf teletubbies wasn't too cool or marketable in the long run, so they wracked their brains and decided to do what they do best - rip off other people! Under the guise of RPG-kei they just... completely copied Psycho le Cému. See Sister Mura vs. Ai no Uta. I love their PLC bootleg parody look myself, but I also have no idea how they were allowed to do that, at all.

In their time as a band, Souiumono released 14 singles, 2 albums, 2 video games, and they appeared on 1 compilation album. Pretty good if I say so myself!

To Do

Because I need to keep organised and I'd like my visitors to know what's going to be added in the future.


Hiro Bucky


Hiro Bucky is one of the guitarists of Souiumono, and his aesthetic is best described as "strange blue guy". He's changed his look a lot but you can count on one thing: his look is always defined by the colour blue. He's a very down-to-earth guy and also the oldest member of the band, but that doesn't stop him from being awesome! He actually started in visual kei with a blue theme colour and to this day his theme colour is still blue... 25+ years down the line!

In the Souiumonogatari games, he plays a berserker with a dual personality - with his rocky upbringing he didn't grow up with complete mental stability and as a result of this he has two separate states of "calm" and "protective". He fights alongside the rest of the party in hopes of other people finally accepting him.


Instrument: guitarist
Height: 170cm
Weight: about 52kg
Blood: O type
Birthdate: 1976.07.22
Gender: male (with a habit of dressing as a woman)
Birthplace: from Aomori
Smokes: unknown
Hobbies: unknown
Real name: Hirokazu Suzuki
Band history: b.p.g -> AIREAL -> beaU -> Karate VAGABOND sono Ato -> Hibi Subete wo Nomikomu FUKAMOKA -> HYPER POCKET (support) -> Souiumono -> Matsutake Works (current)
Piercings: unknown/none



Nuppe is the bassist of Souiumono, and his aesthetic is best described as "froggy jester martial artist". His looks have changed several times over the course of the band's history, but you can spot him in a crowd thanks to his crazy high energy and almost-always striking hair (even though it's usually naturally coloured!)

In Souiumonogatari, he plays the RPG martial artist - a high-energy, skittish and laughably weak student who insists he has to join the hero party because they obviously need a martial artist such as himself. Really he is just a very big dreamer. He lags behind and absolutely fails to even meet the hero and his party until the second game!


Instrument: bassist
Height: 163cm
Weight: about 50kg
Blood: B type
Birthdate: 1983.08.24
Gender: boy
Birthplace: from Hokkaido
Smokes: MILDSEVEN AQUA 1mg 100's
Hobbies: watching anime at night, PC GAME
Real name: rumoured to be Makoto Shu
Band history: CalcoBrena -> Poitrine -> Souiumono -> unknown (plays sessions, occasionally writes for other artists) / Vtuber music / Vocaloid producer
Piercings: 5 ear piercings (10g, 16g), 1 eyebrow piercing (16g), 1 anti-brow piercing (??g) 3 mouth piercings (12g, 14g, 14g), 1 tongue piercing (12g), 1 neck piercing (14g), 1 chest piercing (??g), 1 bellybutton piercing (12g)



Sacci is the vocalist of Souiumono, and his aesthetic is best described as "main character". He's a bit full of himself, but in a fun way... over time I found myself falling in love with him, just takes a while of reading his blog posts, watching videos & generally getting to know the band.

In Souiumonogatari, he plays the RPG main hero - a fun, not-so-likeable guy with a quick temper and a very entitled attitude. He's a hero! He gets what he wants! (...this isn't very true.) He works together with the rest of his unlikely party to be able to face off against his one true enemy chosen by the universe: the Demon King! ...And he is horrible at doing so. That's what's so fun about him! He's an absolute brat.


Instrument: vocalist
Height: 172cm
Weight: ??kg
Blood: B type
Birthdate: 1984.01.20
Gender: male
Birthplace: from Tokyo
Smokes: seven star box
Hobbies: watching movies, drinking with friends, sauna, reading
Real name: rumoured to be Izumi
Band history: working at a soba restaurant / Sayo (solo works) / Valqur -> Poitrine -> NEET (lol) -> Souiumono -> Kaiga no Kotowari (solo works) -> unknown (plays sessions) / enlistment in the army (lol x2)
Piercings: 2 mouth (14~16G)



Kamui is the drummer of Souiumono, and his aesthetic is best described as "mysterious masked guy". He is always covering his face somehow, no matter what! Some people might say it's because he wants to remain secretive, but the truth is that Nuppe and Sacci didn't find his face suitable for the stage so they told him he had to cover it up. (I'll find the source of this sometime, I swear. I read it on a blog somewhere!!) He's very quiet, but he's still easy to find thanks to his bright purple hair!

In Souiumonogatari, he plays the RPG monk - a quiet, cunning priest who is careful not to give away much information about himself. He is the one who gives Sacci the initial mission in the first game, leading Sacci along so he can find out he's the chosen hero. He has ulterior motives though…


Instrument: drummer
Height: 172cm
Weight: ??kg
Blood: A type
Birthdate: 19XX.08.23
Gender: male
Birthplace: unknown
Smokes: unknown
Hobbies: unknown
Real name: unknown
Band history: Souiumono -> unknown (plays sessions)
Piercings: unknown/none



Nono is one of the guitarists of Souiumono, and his aesthetic is best described as "the pink one who's pretty like a girl". He almost always has his hair dyed a bright pink in Souiumono, although that changed during the tail end of the band (mostly black 'cause they all went emo), and his onnagata is incredibly good! His character can get a little overbearing, but once you get used to that and also see Nono the person you'll find he's a pretty cool guy.

In Souiumonogatari, he plays the RPG mage - an eccentric magic school student who is neither male nor female. They talk really "cutesy" and have a habit of saying "zura" at the end of all their sentences, which can get a teensy bit annoying, but they're just great. They're often called a pervert and unfortunately have to prove themself as being neither gender, revealing that since they were a child their gender has been indecipherable no matter what thanks to a curse on their family. They join up with Sacci after he fishes them out of the sea by accident! And Nono happens to be the target of a lot of peculiar jokes.


Instrument: guitarist
Height: 164cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood: A type
Birthdate: 19XX.10.22
Gender: "secret!" (male)
Birthplace: unknown
Smokes: unknown
Hobbies: unknown
Real name: unknown
Band history: Alkaloid -> Hagakure -> JOKER -? HeaRt -? ν[NEU] -> DragonWAPPPPPPER + NINJAMAN JAPAN -> Souiumono -> CHOKE (current)
Piercings: 1 bellybutton (??G), possibly 2 ear piercings? (??G)



Donkey is the ex-guitarist of Souiumono. Truthfully, I don't have much to write about him. He might be the coolest or funniest or most interesting guy on Earth for all I know, but I haven't read much of his blog and there's just not much of him elsewhere - his Twitter account from when he was in Souiumono is suspended and there's not really videos of him. So, we'll leave it at that...


Instrument: ex-guitarist
Height: 1??cm
Weight: ??kg
Blood: 0 type
Birthdate: 19XX.07.09
Gender: male
Birthplace: Planet Public Restroom, apparently.
Smokes: unknown
Hobbies: unknown
Real name: unknown
Band history: Trick◆Box -> Sweet Passionate Kingdom KIRSCH. -> THE CRISIS -> Souiumono -> vocaloid producer (current)
Piercings: unknown/none



My Review

Whew, Souiumono's first album! In my honest opinion, it's better than their second one. Just can't get enough of it!

Eighteen whole songs... who does that? Like, eighteen whole songs?? These guys REALLY put their all into it. Non-stop fun and constant changes in sound that honestly aren't too jarring in my opinion, which some artists absolutely fail at.

Just a great album all around. One complaint though... WHERE'S SISTER MURA!?

Tracklist & My Thoughts

1. Ragnarok
The title track is the song they'd play at the starts of lives while introducing the members - see this video. It goes from a standard chiptune video game sound like an NES title screen right into a fun electronic track to get you in the mood - a good place to start and get you hyped for the album!

2. Ganesha
Good slap bass. Delicious. Okay, that aside, this song is great, really... I know I'll say that about just any song these guys make, but man, Sacci's melo vocals alongside that bassline and the synth? Just awesome. Wish he wouldn't fake moan in that one bit of the song, though. Otherwise - absolute banger!

3. Mamonou Taikoushin
Absolute tonal switch, but it doesn't really screw things up - either that or I've listened to the album too many times. Big fan of the vibes when it comes to this song, and the slightly heavier sound while still keeping light and, well, very recognisably Souiumono (to me). Although, it kinda sounds like Sacci's trying to be Kyo at times, lol. I think it was the right choice to turn down the autotune compared to the single version of this song - it kind of got overbearing at points. It sounds fine here, though. That chorus gets stuck in my head so often.

4. "H"
Ooooh, I wanna chew on this guitar. So good. And really, Sacci's vocals just make all of these songs for me. If Souiumono didn't have such melodic vocals I really don't think I'd like these guys so much! The bridge in this song always grabs my attention. So good...

5. Mori no Daishou
This one's a really light-sounding ballad about wandering into a lost forest. Vaguely stereotypically French-sounding, if you get what I mean? Like, the kind of music that plays when a character goes to Paris. Good song, and I don't personally feel like it's too slow.

6. Tanyao
GREAT song. Great song. There's just something about this one, the energy of the chorus, the guitars and Kamui's drumming... it's just awesome. Gotta love the little synths too. And that guitar solo... just, man. Best deep cut in my opinion!!!

7. Satsujinki no Sumu Machi
This one was awesome. Classic synth in the instrumental, but also Sacci's crappy rapping? His awful attempt trying (and failing) to be slightly nu metal? Plus the lighter bits - I dunno, combined it's just great. The chorus is also just full of hype. And another awesome guitar solo courtesy of Nono... The overall energy in this song is really fun! And once again, we have Sacci trying to be Kyo. This time directly ripping off Child Prey, lol.

I don't know what's up with the gunshots and machinery sound effects at the start... well I do, with the whole "electric wars" thing, but it's just so damn cheesy. Good energy in this one! We get some funky stuff going on with the guitars, too - always good to see!

9. Mada Konai ANGEL
Hmmm, I dunno where to put our eurobeat single... let's just shove it right in the middle of the album and call it a day!! Okay, but seriously, this is one of the best Souiumono songs, full stop. I adore how ridiculous they were for this (and the fact that even their manager got pissed at them for releasing it). Super good high energy, great for jamming out to. Learn the dance here!

10. Akai Ito
Back to rock! Love the synth violin on this one. Guitar solo is great as always... and holy crap, Nuppe with that bass! Great stuff!! Once again, the bridge is so good, and Sacci's melo vocals make the song. I know I'm circling around to saying the same stuff, but all these songs really are so good...

11. Kekkan Renairon
Ooh, a slower track, and quite a lot more emo-sounding too. This one's really nice for chilling out to, in my exprience. Big fan of how the two guitars are used together here - good job, Nono and Hiro Bucky!

12. Enzai
Sudden tone switch!! Really fun!! Jumpy-sounding fun little track about being falsely accused of a crime. The chords in this are SO GOOD, same with the guitar solo (but that's a given when you're listening to Souiumono!). The rhythm in this is really fun - I can't stress how good this track is! This is the other deep cut off this album I really highly recommend to others.

13. Daikira na Kono Hashi ni Umarete
This track starts off with a music box melody, then it jumps right into the guitar and Sacci's vocals - seriously a fun song. All of the little bits really make this one in my opinion; it all builds up to a super nice track. I will say it's a little bit emo, especially the lyrics, but I forgive them. It actually looks really fun live though - the entire crowd is encouraged to sing along!

ANOTHER TOTAL SWITCH! This time we've got a super jazzy track with trumpets and some really nice drums, seriously Kamui is knocking it out of the park with this one - pair that with the great guitar riffs and Sacci's vocals and we've got ourselves a really good song. Jumpin' Jack Flash in the distaaance.... that bassline, too. They really did a good job!!!

You know, this one really lives up to its name. Very secret dungeon-esque. Although Sacci could do with a little less autotune, this is overall a solid track. It really doesn't sound like Sacci that much, though? I dunno what he was doing, but his vocal style is just different to usual in this song. Still a good song, and unmistakably Souiumono - those guitars totally give it away.

16. Jigo no Tsubasa
Another ballad... did you know that Sacci plays the piano in Souiumono songs? This was kinda surprising to me, I took him for the type to just do vocals and programming. I don't really have much to say about this one, but it's a good listen! I'm just not too into real slow ballads.

17. Emblem
If you bought the A-type of this album, you'd be missing out on five songs so you'd only have thirteen on the tracklist. To make up for this, the album would come with a 6-part DVD!! The first part of the DVD was the film clip for Emblem. This song is super fun, with a slow beginning leading right into some super chewable guitar... then we get more of Sacci's rapping (through a weird distortion filter?) and his melo vocals as always. Super solid track!

18. prologue
Aaand to end the album off... another ballad. All piano, good job Sacci! Plus some other very midi classical instruments, lol. I will say I like this more than most ballads, but I think that's because piano instrumental music kicks me into a mode that isn't the same as music with vocal, guitar, etc. I think it's a good way to end off the album...even if it's kinda cheesy and also should really be named "epilogue".

Game Over

My Review

Souiumono's second album! A good album, but the first has that shine in it that this one doesn't really have.

How do I put this? It's heavier and it's more... "emo". Souiumono's later years really drifted towards that sort of style, and it all comes together in this album.

I am slightly picky about the track order... for example, I think DEATH CAR CHACE would have really benefited from different placement. It's not a very good start to the album is all, where it would be great elsewhere...

(Rewrite of this coming soon, sorry!)

Tracklist & My Thoughts

Reviews etc coming soon! I'm just one guy, okay...


2. Kaijin ni Kaesu


4. Courier of the wind


6. Seraphim-Tsuisou no Hane

7. 0


9. Manatsu no Summer Tiger


11. Onnen Shoujo




Souiumono actually released two RPG games alongside their singles Sister Mura and Kubi wa Neru Tsurugi/Doku Mes Cylinder. They're (quite laughably) called "Souiumonogatari". They're really fun!

I don't provide downloads or download links here so please don't ask me to put anything of the sort up on this site. It's for my bandwidth and safety - as well as your own! However, feel free to contact me and ask about the games. :-)

Souiumonogatari ~Sister Mura Hen~

This is the first Souiumonogatari game, and it comes bundled with their single Sister Mura - the first they released after their RPG characters rebrand. It's... quite the experience.

The band members are all characters in the game. They all come into the plot and all have their individual moments over the course of the story, and it's really fun - although depending on who your favourite is, you might be waiting a while for them to really come into play.

Follow Sacci the hopeless and talentless adventurer as he struggles to prove his worth as a hero - he gets contracted for an extremely high amount of gold by a very mysterious man who wants him to save the town of Sister Mura... a village full of beautiful nuns who have been brainwashed! He has to do everything right or he won't get the payout...

Meanwhile, Nono is a student at magic school... they struggle with having no gender, and their classmates questioning them on it or assuming they're a pervert. In reality, there's an awful curse on their family...

Nuppe is a martial artist student who really wants to join the hero party. But first, he has to catch up to them!! While studying he learns about the ages-old story of the heroes against the demon king, and how it ties into the current hero party's fate...

Hiro Bucky is a berserker loner. He's tough, has a kinda scary grey face, and a dual personality to boot, but he's a really nice guy who loves apples. He has trouble finding people who will accept him, though...

Kamui is a mysterious priest from Sister Mura. He always keeps his face hidden and he doesn't really give much away about himself other than his name. He claims to aid Sacci on his quest because he wants nothing more than to save his village, but he has more ulterior motives than that...

It's a really fun game. However, it ends on a cliffhanger! You'll need to play the other game after this if you want to know the second part of the story...

Souiumonogatari ~Kubi wa Neru Tsurugi Hen~

Info etc. coming soon!

Hiro Bucky Firing Scandal

Back in the day, the band bullied Hiro Bucky a lot. It wasn't very fun, and I really don't support it, but y'know, that's just how it is now...

The worst example of this, I think, was the firing scandal. They decided that Hiro was not a good guitarist, so they threatened to kick him out of the band, and all of this turned into the following wager: the band announced they were going to fire Hiro Bucky if they weren't sent us ONE THOUSAND petition letters against it.

Excuse my language, and my bluntness, but I think this was FUCKED UP. Just incredibly cruel all around, both to Hiro and to his fans.

The texts ahead are translations of Hiro's blog post when all of this was announced (now deleted) and the poster the band put up on their OHP at the time advertising the "event".

If/when I track down a copy of the right Men's SPIDER magazine, I will also translate whatever article is in there.

Hiro's Blog Post

Fired - It means that I will be dismissed.

blog post 2014-03-25 19:35:07

I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you.

I, Hiro Bucky of Souiumono, received the message that I will be fired from Souiumono after the one-man quest at Shinjuku BLAZE on 24 August, 2014.

It's because of one very simple reason.

I'm not a good guitarist

you see.

It's really difficult and embarrassing to be in this industry, have it exposed to the whole of Japan in a magazine, and also the whole world on the Internet, and especially to have to announce it myself.

In bands like these, the people with the most skill will take the initiative and have the last say on things.

As a bad guitarist, I have no say in the matter, and I'm not allowed to decline any task no matter how unpleasant, and I'm not allowed to present my own thoughts on things.

Souiumono isn't just a group for fun, but a music group in its own right.

If I'm such a drag on the band, I'll only be a hinderance to its future growth.

So, I think it's only natural I'm being fired, and I think it's the right thing to do.

Last night, I told the other band members to just fire me without waiting for 24 August, but they all feverishly persuaded me to stay until then. I've reconsidered my position and decided to think about my current living environment, including my day job, my part-time job, and guitar lessons, and I'll be on stage at Shinjuku BLAZE on 24 August.

I can resign anytime.

I'm ready for it.

It's just that

I really don't want to die as the slug I am.

The profession of a bandman is in the business of chasing and showing dreams.

But the bandmen I like and respect all showed me the reality, not my dreams, by telling me "we helplessly watched the separation without being able to do anything" and "we tried our best, but it was no good".

Me too.

I want to be a man who can show reality, not just dreams.

I want people to know that all of this is not a dream, but it is reality.

I, Souiumono's Hiro Bucky, AKA Hirokazu Suzuki*,

once more,

I just want to play guitar and live my life, so

I'll try my best.

These days

This is just... messed up, right? Like, holy crap.

* He wrote his full name here: 鈴木裕和. He wasn't really the type to give out his full name... although now he uses his real name, he still never writes it in kanji, only in hiragana. Here he wrote his full legal name. My point is, he really was giving up, huh...

Hiro Bucky Rescue Plan!!!!

It all started with the 3/24 issue of "Men's SPIDER" ・・・・

Hiro Bucky Rescue Plan was designed to save Hiro Bucky, who has been fired by a big-name producer.

(See the 3/24 issue of "Men's SPIDER" for details.)

There is only one way to stop Hiro Bucky from leaving.

We need 1,000 petitions from players by 8/24(sun) at Shinjuku BLAZE.

If the petition reaches 1000 letters, Hiro Bucky will be able to continue to work with Souiumono.

......But if the pleadings do not reach 1,000, then ......


Come on, everyone help him by sending postcards to the address below!!!! Let's get our beloved Hiro Bucky back!

The result will be announced at Shinjuku BLAZE on 8/24.

*Petitions are also accepted at live venues and in-store venues at any time.

*A maximum of one petition per person will be accepted.

[Send to] 2-3-2 Koenji-kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-8560, Japan

Lido Mens Spider Editorial Department "A Letter of Love to Hiro Bucky"

Gt. Hiro Bucky, photo taken in January 2014. (Alive and well)

Artist from Kuroishi City, Aomori Prefecture. He is the guitarist of Souiumono, but also performs under the name KAZ as his own solo act.

He is also known as "Blue Devil," "Miracle Elder," and other street names, and has been praised by various media outlets.

In addition to his musical activities, he is well versed in the world of porn and adult entertainment, and is well-known to everyone in this field.

His unprecedented and sensitive way of life has influenced various scenes, and many audiences are fascinated by it.

His first person pronoun is "Waa," and his parents live in "Suzu-no-ya", a local gourmet restaurant serving tsuyu-yakisoba. The manager sincerely hopes that this photo will not become a portrait of his last will and testament......

Projects After Souiumono

Matsutake Works

Hiro Bucky joined the band Matsutake Works (fronted by Eiji Matsuoka, probably best known as Lettuce from Sandwich de 120pun?) as a guitarist at the very end of 2016. Now he goes by his real name, Hirokazu Suzuki! He seems very happy in this band. I quite like them myself.

Kaiga no Kotowari

Sacci's solo project. He went by Dokamatsuri-kun for a while before switching back to Sacci. He released one album and a few demos and has since stopped activities because he enlisted in the army. (He's back from enlistment now though.)

Nuppe's VTuber And Vocaloid Stuff

Nuppe has... this idol V-tuber persona. He voice trained to sound like a girl just for it. He recently changed his name to Nuppy-sensei, and now NupP-sensei, to go with his new Vocaloid stuff (releasing August)....... I can't stand this guy. I love him but I hate him!! Here's the channel.


Nono had some sort of mental break during and after Souiumono. It just got worse over time. Most recently, he's deleted all his previously active accounts. He was purging his Twitter all the time so really there's nothing lost there... but his Instagram is a different story. I can't dig up his old posts now *sigh*...

Back to CHOKE: he started a trap metal band (and looked suspiciously like Ryonai of Blam Honey). I do not like it personally. But, what can you do. I'll let him live.

Donkey's Vocaloid Career

Not typing much about this for now, sorry: Donkey became a Vocaloid producer after leaving Souiumono. Check it out.


Nuppe and Sacci had a "remarriage" event in 2022 (Kamui showed up for drums too). They performed Souiumono songs, including a really fun show for Manatsu no Summer Tiger and Mada Konai ANGEL, and (the most fun part to me) had a fake wedding! They even kissed. Nuppe looked absolutely disgusted, but Sacci looked incredibly happy, it had me laughing (and generally fanboying...) for days. Here's the YouTube recap!