This site was officially erected on June 24, 2023. It's coded entirely in Notepad and an online text editor!

It's named after the fictional setting for Leetspeak Monsters, "Gravetown".

The image for the current layout (Sharaku Kobayashi) was originally scanned by Voodooninjamunky.


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The webmaster is an Australian vampire, we think. Er, it's been very hard to catch him, but we've gathered these facts: His first name is two names, for some reason, and we have no idea what his last name is. He appears to be very into Japanese music and play Puyo Puyo all day...

His name is Mousecky. He was born on the 3rd of March and is about 160.5cm tall. His favourite colour is red. (Maybe.) He is in the possession of four cats named Toki, Skwisgaar, Potion and Cleo. We think he's 296 years old, but don't count on it.

As for music tastes, this guy mostly listens to Jrock... Dir en grey and Souiumono seem to be favourites.