Welcome to Gravetown! This is a collective and barely personal website run by Mousecky, who is obviously very into J-rock himself. More about the webmaster here.

This is the third of my websites, and the first to have a proper domain. This will hopefully be my web home for a nice amount of time, if not permanently. Always under construction - check back for new content!

Navigation - depending on what you want to go to - is on the side or top. Have fun!

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2023.09.12 - New layout! I hope you all like it. I'm also in the process of moving hosts to the lovely Leprd.space, so please bear with me while I fix this mess of a website. I am also no longer hosting Visual Vault and will help find it a new host. (Really sorry Kaz!!)

2023.08.24 - I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately; I've been pretty down. Keep your eyes out for something new soon though...

2023.08.04 - vk.gy fanlisting opened! Also, you should join the webring!

2023.07.23 - Bara no Konrei fanlisting opened!

2023.07.10 - You may have noticed, but I've started hosting Kaz's lyrics website here. It's called Visual Vault and is dedicated to visual kei lyrics - check it out!

2023.07.06 - Opened 2 new FLs! Poitrine and Shinjuku Gewalt fans rejoice!

2023.06.25 - Moved a bunch of stuff from my old site because I got it back. Souiumono shrine will be next after I finish up a unique layout!

2023.06.24 - site up!!